Human Volunteers Safety

Integrating India! - Inforcom Technologies offers the nationwide program for the Safety of the Human Volunteers at Clinical Research Organisations. Since 2007, the cloud service OVISTM, intimates if a volunteer can be taken in a drug study, confirming his/her Eligibility. Major CROs from 14 cities avail it each morning. This biometrics driven CFR11-2 compliant service is validated. OVISTM has become a standard in India, preferred by the Sponsors, National & International Audit Agencies. This ensures volunteers against drug over dose. It warns the CROs for any Adverse Drug Reactions.

Establish (2001)

  • 2,100,000+

  • Human Volunteers

  • Controlled for BA/BE Studies
  • 30+

  • Regulatory Audits

  • International & National
  • 40+

  • Validations

  • CFR 11 Compliant
  • 10M+

  • Vehicles Logged

  • Tolling Software Service
  • 700+

  • Oil Wells Managed

  • Oil Field Services Software
  • 45+

  • CRO Locations

  • Life Science Products
  • 75+

  • Client Served

  • Software Products & Services
  • 45+

  • Law Firms

  • Attorny office Software
  • 15+

  • Cities Served

  • Pan India Clientage

Our Products

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Are you a CRO ?

Inforcom offers essential Software Service and Products for CROs. Volunteer Tracking Service is the first of its kind in India integrating 45 CRO locations. The Database product is Audited by International Agencies.
  • Volunteers Tracking Across Country
  • Inhouse Volunteers Database
  • Validated and Compliant to CFR 11

Are you an Oil Field Service Company?

Our Product 'Oil Well' offers field service management for lowest downtime and maintenance planning. Geographically located wells and SRP can be managed. It offers auto team planning for daily operations.
  • Auto Maintenace Scheduling
  • Breakdown Reporting and Planning
  • Govt. Compliant Report Formats

Are you a Law Firm?

InforLaw is Advocates Office Management Application. The Online & Mobile Service is from This Product Suit Offers Client Records, Board management, Finance, Correspondence with Reminders and Auto Backup.
  • Daily Board on Mobile for All Forums
  • No Manual Data Entry for Clients
  • Complete Advocate Office Management

Designs & Development Services

Designing is an essential component for IT arena. Software Products, Software Applications, Web applications, Apps, GUI etc. can be a success or a failure based on its design aspects. Inforcom believes in user friendly designs and interfaces for each of its product and service offered. Web sites and web based applications require undoubtedly a good design. Inforcom puts emphasis on friendly, trendy, bright, cheerful yet a sober design. Design drives the interest and ease of usability. Software products and application are largely given less design attention. We at Inforcom believe in design as an essential part of the development cycle. Further testing the same with the domain user take the acceptance to a higher level. The Graphical User Interface which is with time offers instant acceptance factor. We control Instructions, Results, Notes, Fields etc. in our design.

What we do

Web Designing & Development

We design and develop Websites. From static sites to dynamic sites, all the segment are handled with end to end hosting solution too.

Responsive - Mobile Web Site

A website needs to be Responsive in order to be used in various devices. Responsive design and a smooth convergence to all sizes is controlled.

Print Media Work

We handle printing related work for brochures, pamphlets, logos, booklets etc. The design and formatting is carried out with Printing job.

Responsive Product Developments

Inforcom offers Responsivce application development, with integration of prgramming techniques & reponsive technology.

Application Developments

Inforcom offers services to develop an application in any field. We design the algorithm, flow charts, logic and coding tasks with essential documents.

Product Development

A product is a suite of the primary application, protection, licensing, support and upgrade mechanism etc. Inforcom offers expertise in all.

Data Processing

May it be data migration or simple data collection & processing, Inforcom offers solutions for the same. Our programming skills is an edge for such jobs.

Validation Documentation

We offer Plan, IQ, OQ, PQ etc, document design. Running these scripts and logging Challanges and Response is also one of our services.

Application Protection

we offer software application protection for licensing and data access control. Hardware or software locks are integrated for a safe application.

Hardware Integration

Inforcom has carried out many hardware integration processes for cameras, locks, biometrics, barriers, sign boards etc.


Inforcom offers designing and installation of a surveillance system. Selection of the surveillance equipment till maintenance is what we offer.

Technologies Expertise

Microsoft SQL Servcer
Microsoft .NET
Microsoft Visual Basic
Flash Professional
Microsoft Visual Studio
jQuery - Javascript
Microsoft Interdev

Industries we Serve

Life Science
Health Care
Recreation &

Our Clients

Languages and scripting

C# Language (.net) | | ASP | AJAX | VBA | XML | HTML | DHTML | Javascript

Tools and Products

Visual studio 2005, 2008 | Visual Interdev | Visual Basic 6.0 | MS Sql Server 2005, 2008 | MS Visio | MS Project

Various Technologies Used

Client Server, Intranet and Internet based technologies | Two-tier, Three-tire architecture | Connection file oriented db access | Database Optimization and Integrity approaches | GUI Interface, OOA & OOD | Query Analysis and Data Reporting Techniques – RDLS and Crystal Reports | Error Handling Mechanisms | Applications Handshaking | Data Sorting, Filtering, Grouping and Merging methods | Multi user access control | File system object | Dynamic user access rights | Active directory integrated access control | Application Deployment and Distribution methods | DotNet Technology, Frameworks, Classes and Libraries | MS SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers | MS SQL DTS packages | MS Link Server Technologies | Binary Image Streaming and Encryption | Web Services | XML Namespaces XML Schema | SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) | Ajax Toolkit | CSS and CSS3 | LAMP Technologies, MVC frame work | Windows API Functions | OLE Automation | Embedded Technology | Encryption Algorithms and Query-Response Protection | Timer based Algorithms | COM, Proprietary OCX for Date Input | Visual Basic Classes, Functions and Procedures | Database Backup and Restore utility | Java Applets | MS ADO, OLE DB, MS DAO, ODBC Connection styles | Responsive Web Technology (Websites, Web Applications)

Special Services

Validations doc and process | USFDA Compliant application development | Audit trail management | Compliance integration, Password Policy | SOP building | Remote Upgrade | Remote Activation and Version Control | Application Protection | Data import export between Applications and Versions | Data Synchronisation and Real time sharing | Migration of Application and Data | Remote Hardware Protection Update by Encryption | Fault Analysis Log generation | Random and Unique key (String or Number) for encryption and access control | Multi-user access and service control on various platforms Hardware Key integration and Data processing with Encryption | Auto Data Backup integration

Hardware integration

Finger Print Scanner | USB camera | CCTV camera | Dongle / Hardware Locks | Boom Barrier | Receipt Printer | Electronic Sign Board | Overhead / Lane Lights | Sound Hooters

Document Generation and Maintenance

Data Structures | Logic and Flow / DFD Diagrams | Form objects and Operational flow diagrams | Timelines | Testing documents | Validation documents – Plan, IQ, OQ, PQ | Standard Operating Procedures | Disaster Recovery Management | Business Continuation Plan