OVIS across India

Client Coverage

OVIS is currently in use in 14 cities across india. 48 Locations of various CROs are active on this unique platform.
  • Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Kandla
  • Mumbai, New Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Nashik, Aurangabad
  • Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Coimbatore
  • Delhi, and around.

The Method

Commenced in 2007-08, OVISTM (Online Volunteers Information service) offers an Integrated Countrywide Human Volunteers Eligibility and Cross Participation Tracking. This net based service is the only of its kind in India. A volunteer once dosed at a CRO is logged in this system with the study parameters along with the finger prints. The same volunteer when applies at any other CRO of the country will be tested on this platform with finger prints. If this re-participation is not satisfying the eligibility date criteria, he/she will be disallowed from participating. The criteria is based on blood regeneration, drug life cycle and drug wash out time. Other essential information like volunteer history, screening and dosing attendance, audit reports, data exchange options, user level controls, warning and alerts are provided.

The issue

New Drug

Each new drug as enters a market, requires to go though a series of tests. This includes its test on Humans. Human volunteers of various ages and genders are used in such studies. A volunteer needs to wait for a stipulated time between two such participations. These volunteers are paid attractively for it. This incentive makes them re-participate sooner then specified. Frequent participation can create health hazard to the volunteers. A severe drug reaction may cause death. Thus a mechanism to measure the eligibility of such volunteers is essential for the benefit of the Volunteers, the CROs and the Sponsors. OVIS offers this essential verification service - All across India.
OVIS is a responsive application. Special design is created for CRO teams visiting various sub-urban areas for on the sport eligibility conformation.
This offers participation eligibility for BA/BE studies.

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